Simmer Huang CEO Gen Huang's ancestors were chefs to the Chinese Royal Family, and the "simmer" style of cooking was the basis of the most popular dishes at royal feasts and dinner parties.


Our traditional recipe has withstood the test of time, through centuries of refining techniques to provide the best-tasting, most culturally appealing delicacy. As you hold your chopsticks, you’ll feel like an emperor feasting on a dish from his most experienced chef!

Our amazing aroma comes from a unique cooking technique – the art of simmering. Using juices from over ten nutritious vegetables, and sauces from many tasty ingredients, it makes for mouth-watering flavour without using a drop of water. The food is not fried, nor deep fried and the simmering process doesn’t get affected by air, so all the vitamins and proteins are kept intact for your healthy and delicious enjoyment.